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VL53L1X People count

Dear SupporterWe make a design using the "VL53L1X" for people counting applications.To test it, we placed it above the entrance of a room (as in the YouTube link "People Counting Using a Single ST Time-of-Flight Sensor" posted by ST Microelectronics)...

Beacon discovery problem

Hello,I have configured the BLE Beacon V1.0 sensor with the Nano Beacon software, I can detect it with applications like nrf Connect or ST BLE Toolbox. I've programmed a stm32 card as a client, I can detect the devices, but I can't detect the beacon ...

AMACH1_5-1692876253934.jpeg AMACH1_6-1692876261444.jpeg AMACH1_7-1692876501396.png AMACH1_8-1692876580965.png
AMACH.1 by Associate II
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STW81300 PLL Low power at 2.4GHz

Hi all I am using the STW81300 for a project and the Pout level makes sense for 8-16GHz port.  When I set the frequency to 2.4GHz, I am getting only -15dBm or so, while the second and third harmonic of this at 4.8GHz and 7.2GHz are 8dB higher in powe...

mohsenz by Associate
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Hello,I have an installation where the S2-LP has been blocked in LOCKST(0x14).Which command can remove this ? S2LP_CMD_StrobeReady()?The datasheet doesn't give this information.

Capture d’écran 2023-08-21 164155.png
PCu1 by Senior
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Resolved! TS555 Reset levels

Hi. From DS of TS555 I'm not clear about RESET acitve low level. In DS VRESET is given 0.4V(min), 1.1V(typ), 1.5V(max) for +25°C and 0.3V...2.0V for whole temp range, see attachementCan someone help to get min/typ/max level for RESET is active and th...

TomLH by Associate
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