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BlueNRG-2N bootloader "Get ID" command

Hi,I'm asking the bootloader of an BlueNRG-2N for the "Get ID" command and it responds 0x02 0x01 0x4F.The upper nibble of the last byte ist 4. But 4 is not mentioned in AN4872.4 means ???2 means BlueNRG-20 means BlueNRG-1Any hints?Regards.

H W by Associate II
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BlueNRG2 BLE timeout

I am using the BlueNRG2 in an application which is a simple button press to indicate if it is pressed or not. The device needs to connect to Windows 10 and or 11. I am using the SensorDemo project as the base code and made a few changes to just utili...

JWall.1 by Associate II
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Choosing a Bluetooth Module and Dev Tools

We are looking to add a pre qualified bluetooth module to a consumer product and the device live outdoors and periodically connect to a phone. We have identified the BlueNRG-1 as a candidate but perhaps there is a better choice. How well is the BlueN...

PNada.3 by Associate II
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