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STUSB4500 drives I2C SDA low during power up/down

I'm finding that t STUSB4500 drives its I2C SDA line low (for around 1 second) during power up or power down (the device is powered from Vbus only).This prevents all communication with other devices on the I2C bus during this time.Holding STUSB in it...

s_ by Associate III
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Resolved! ST3485 Communication

Hello Team,We have one project where we customer used the ST3485EIDT IC for RS485 communication.By looking the schematic design we see that DI pin is connected with UART Tx pin but its series resistor has been removed.We checked the functaonlity and ...

I'm having problems with the simultaneous central/peripheral connections. Can someone help me understand the timing constraints?

I am developing a prototype using a L4 stm32 microcontroller with a bluenrg m2sa BLE module which acts as central/peripherial. Also small sensors nodes with L1 annd the bluenrg m2sa modules. I'm having problems with the simultaneous central/periphera...

egermany by Associate
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ST4SIM-200M Interfacing with local MNO

Hello, we want to use ST4SIM-200M eSIM IC. Do the ICs you sent come with the bootstrap profile installed? If so, how can we transmit the profile information you uploaded to local MNOs? It would be very useful to talk to someone from your Turkey Suppo...

Audio transmission

I have a STWIN SensorTile Wireless Industrial Node development kit ( STEVAL-STWINKT1B). I installed this code ( to the board. STWINKT1B ...

Dogukan by Associate
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How can I have iBeacon UUID ?

Hi,I use STM32L476RG and X_NUCLEO_IDB05A1 to find Bluetooth beacons and their RSSI.I try to use aci_gap_start_observation_procedure() and EVT_LE_ADVERTISING_REPORT to extract UUID, major and minor from an emulated iBeacon but there is only the MAC ad...

Activate bootloader on BlueNRG-2N

Hi,I'm having problems to activate the built-in BlueNRG-2N bootloader. I put DIO7 high (Boot) and perform a reset (/Reset 5ms low then high again).Then I wait 150ms to give the bootloader a little time to initialize. Then I send 0x7F on the UART-line...

H W by Associate II
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