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Recommended CPU Frequency for SBSFU ??

SBSFU involved signing verification and encryption/decryption related activities.Also crypto processing is required to implement SBSFU solutions.So, what is the recommended CPU Clock frequency to implement SBSFU solutions ??

SPati.7 by Associate III
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Chip Vulnerabilities and STM32 Hacking

Hi - I am new to hardware security researching, so I thought start with a simple STM32 MCU to improve my skills.I can develop simple applications and upload it to flash, everything is ok so far. But I wonder how can I hack the device I developed. For...

AFuller by Associate II
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Linking SECoreBin to SBSFU, How it works ??

From X-CUBE-SBSFU examples, we link SECoreBin binary to SBSFU project, to access Secure Engine APIs.Even though we are linking SECoreBin, but how it will address at linking right function address offset ?? It means how SBSFU project get SECoreBin fun...

SPati.7 by Associate III
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SB and SFU isolated?

Hey guys, I want to perform a firmware upgrade over the air. And use a UART to connect to IoT device.I use stm32l431xx and it contains hardware for symmetric encryption. And the host device which sends the binary uses stm32l496 has SBSFU.So I have a ...

Vmere.1 by Senior
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When I am building the application for SBSFU for STM32L476 on CubeIDE, I get the following error when I compile the first project : SECoreBin

11:37:30 **** Incremental Build of configuration Debug for project STM32L476RG_NUCLEO_2_Images_SECoreBin **** make all "../" "../" ../ cd: line 8: can't cd to ..//../../../../../../Middlewares/ST/STM32_Secure_Engine/Utilities/...

SPand.2 by Associate
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Resolved! How to use OTFDEC with stm32u5 and Zephyr

Hey, I'm starting on using OTFDEC for encryption of data on external OSPI flash, the project i'm working on is based on the Zephyr OS, and as far as i can see there are no examples on how to build an application with the OTFDEC setup using Zephyr. S...

taunboel by Associate II
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Resolved! Undefined Reference HAL_CRC_Init Function

I want to implement a system so that it retrieves sound by mems microphones and classify it with convolutional neural network. I have spent a lot of times to use BSP Library in my project but I failed. Therefore, I decided to use the code provided in...


Resolved! How to add external libraries in STM32CubeIDE

Hi, I'd like to know if it is possible to add external libraries on STM32CubeIDE and if yes, how.In particular, I'd like to use cryptographic functions on my NUCLEO-H753ZI. And I found a library on the web I could use in the form of an archive file (...

EBonv by Associate III
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