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Why STM32G484QETx is getting locked ?

STM32G484QETx is getting locked because of wrong configuration in secure boot and secure firmware update. Kindly suggest me the right configuration along with code and examples. I am attaching a pdf for your reference.

Tshad.1 by Associate
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SBSFU KEY Revoke Mechanism is Possible ??

As per current SBSFU Key storage mechanism, we can store One Key per each SLOT wise, as we are going to use single slot, we can configure one Key in SBSFU.Also, if you want to store more keys, we can use other slot keys as well like ECC_KEY2 and ECC_...

SPati.7 by Associate III
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SFI : Error: RSS internal system error or License is invalid!

Device details :ST-LINK SN : 002F003F3137510539383538ST-LINK FW : V3J9M3B5S1Board    : STLINK-V3SETVoltage   : 3.76VSWD freq  : 24000 KHzConnect mode: Hot PlugReset mode : Software resetDevice ID  : 0x480Revision ID : --Device name : STM32H7A/BFlash ...

Grogu by Associate III
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Resolved! Is the STM32H753 a drop-in replacement for STM32H743?

I know that STM32H753 is pin-compatible to STM32H743, and as far as I know also code-compatible for most intents and purposes. The only difference seems to be the Crypto hardware acceleration. So I assume that I can run code from H743 on the H753 wit...

JArwe.1 by Associate II
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Using Tamper with TF-M in STM32U5

Hi,In TFM and SBSFU applications, by default the anti-tamper protection is enabled for both internal tamper events and external tamper events. It is activated at the start of TFM_SBSFU_Boot, and remains active.In case of tamper detection, sensitive d...

ZKRAC.1 by Associate II
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cmox_rsa_pkcs1v15_verify() returns CMOX_RSA_AUTH_FAIL

Working on a project using STM32G071CBT6. Using STM32CubeExpansion_Crypto_V4.0.1 Projects NUCLEO-G071RB Applications RSA PKCS1v1.5_SignVerify RoutinesTrying to sign a 138 byte msg.cmox_rsa_pkcs1v15_verify() returns CMOX_RSA_AUTH_FAILAny suggestions?

YGarg by Associate II
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