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Resolved! Running into a strange problem . We're working on a safety project and using the ST-provided STL library on an STM32H743. Failing the Flash test when attempting to get 100% test coverage. Mode details in section below.

The STL library is configured to test a multiple of sectors at a time (128kByte each).Our usage model is closely derived from the Nucleo reference project that ST provides as an aid to integrate the STL library; and we're using the IAR project in tha...

DamienF by Associate II
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Questions about PDM MEMS microphones.

I am using STM32F407 Discovery Board for my audio project. There is a PDM mems microphone on this board. I want to get sound signal over I2S with DMA. For that ı am using SWV graph in İDE. I tried all ı found on the internet. ı have a few questions t...

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Trampler by Associate
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Resolved! conversion not working

Hi,I am currently using Pro with FP-SNS-DATALOG2 FW.After acquisition, I would need to convert the data from the microphone from .dat to .wav and to do this I am using the example provided. Unfortunately, the result...

Gerva by Associate II
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Hello all. I have another problem related with Modbus TCP communication. I use STM32VG board and W5500 ethernet IC. My problem is about after i establish connection, communication is broken one time in five seconds, another time in one minute. So, co...


STM32F405 + tlv320aic3204 - Audio Driver

Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me find or create a driver to communicate the tlv320aic3204 with the stm32f405 on my own custom board. I have been trying to replicate this tutorial (STM32 I2S ADC DMA & Double Buffering - Digital Audio Processing...

Resolved! About USBD_HID_SendReport

The value returned from USBD_HID_SendReport always returns USBD_FAIL,What settings are wrong? We think we am doing the settings in project.ioc correctly.[IDE]STM32CubeIDE 1.14.0Connectivity -> USB_OTG_FS -> [Mode]Device_OnlyMiddleware -> USB_DEVICE -...

STL library and bootloader

I have a question about X-CUBE-STL library on STM32H723ZG. We want to use it with a bootloader that resides in the first 128K flash sector. We want to reserve some data in the flash (firmware version and a signarure). Is there somewhere an example li...

Resolved! bare-metal core testing for STM32G0

Hi, I need 60370 class-B certification, but without incorporating libraries that we cannot check ourselves. So, I rather develop bare-metal tests than dropping the X-CUBE-CLASSB object into the code. Testing the Cortex-M0 core should be possible with...

Micro SD whith micro controller

Good morning,This is my first postI' m searching for a special micro SD card with:• MCU: 32-bit (produced by ST)• MCU clock: > 100MHz• RAM: > 384 Kbytes• Flash: > 768 Kbytes• Timer function• Random number generator function• Secure memory area requir...

FuscoV by Associate
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