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Bidirectional i2s using SAI on stm32f4 and f7

I've got an audio codec chip with bidirectional i2s interface, but I can't find any examples or any other info on configuring bidirectional i2s through SAI and HAL in stm32 microcontrollers. I am able to configure single-direction i2s just fine. How ...

WJabl.1 by Associate
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Audio data RF synchronization

Hello,I am sampling audio data with sampling rate 16 kHz and then send it using RF to the other MCU which is sending to DAC samples with the same 16 kHz sampling rate, Im using DMA for sending data through I2S to external DAC. The problem is that the...

KD�?b by Associate II
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STM32F746-Discovery Kit Audio Player

Hi, ​​I have gone through below link. ​​​Is there any demo for audio player from that audio files pop up from USB Mass Storage/SDCard in TouchGFX...


Hi,We are designing the Android accessory and we would like to use STUSB4761 in our application.STUSB4761 can source power and become device by receiving DR_swap from the sinking device.Also we would like to put our accessory to continues in device a...

PVala.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32G071 USB sink

I am currently using the Nucleo G071 RB eval board. The application will transfer data to the USB port at the end of processing. I am using UCPD1 on PA10, PA9, PA8 and PB15.Do I use the STM32CubeMonitorUCPD to view this data? I am assuming I will nee...

PNada.1 by Associate II
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Hello, I am trying to use STL for STM32L4R5ZIT6, while the example project given on STM32L476G. What are the modifications needed to use this example code for STM32L4R5ZI? Referred document: AN4435Thanks in advance!

P..1 by Associate
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Motion MC Library use?

Hi everyone, It seems I'm always coming across this issue in one form or another. I want to link in the "libPDMFilter_CM4_GCC_wc32.a" St Motion Library, and I'm entering the library name and path in the linker/Libraries section.I have included an ima...

kvresto by Senior
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USB PD Reseting issue

Hi Stmteam,I am using Stm32G081RB to Develop Source application.please have a look at the source files and trace.provider_port1Note : trace file is from sink device attached to the Source Device currently we are looking to Develop complete solution.Q...

HGorl.1 by Associate II
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