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STM32F777: Strange NETCONN behavior?

Hello!There are two FreeRTOS tasks, each of which creates its own NETCONN object. In one task (the first one begins to execute) there are no oddities when creating a NETCONN object. And in the second task there is: the object returned by netconn_new ...

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Dimonira by Associate II
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Firmware upgrade problem

How to make DFU jump to a location from where the Factory USB DFU of STM32F070xx resides and it takes control from there? This task is to be achieved using application code instead of the hardware method to pull BOOT0 pin low.We are able to do the Fi...

Resolved! LL drivers PLL initialization

Hi all,I am experiencing some problem with PLL initialization using LL drivers.The code I am using for HSE, PLL and SYS clock is the following:void init_RCC_HSE(void) { //LL_AHB1_GRP1_EnableClock(LL_AHB1_GRP1_PERIPH_GPIOH);   LL_RCC_HSE_Enable(); ...

simo zz by Senior
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Resolved! USB Video Class device on L4 HAL library

Hello,I'm working on a DCMI to USB Video Class Device converter for a project of my organization. The image sensor is a ultra low power custom design grayscale level with 640x480 resolution (8 bit per pixel). The DCMI acquisition is working and now I...

STM32H743 TCP-IP fault (FreeRTOS LwIP)

Hi all!I'm trying to use LwIP stack on STM32H743XI.I am installing a TCP-IP server. I use CubeMX for initialization. The ethernetif.c file is slightly edited to temporarily disable the d-cache in one of the I / O functions, as shown in one issue, thi...

MKise by Associate
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