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STM32L4 usb bug

Hello, I am using the STM32L4 Micro-chip on a board I am using, and I can across a weird issue with the usb. When ever I was running iar and trying to open up the com port within another serial program, the serial program was unable to open the com p...

DAgui.3 by Associate
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Resolved! stm32h723 lwip configuration problem

I wanted to replace my system that used to work with stm32f407VGT6 with STM32H723VET6 as it is cheaper.I designed a new pcb, followed the steps in the link below and created a project.

STM32F4 HAL RTC Library Output

It appears that if the output bit is set (RTC_CR_COE) it doesn't get cleared when the RTC is initialized.In the library code:HAL_StatusTypeDef HAL_RTC_Init(RTC_HandleTypeDef *hrtc){... else {   /* Clear RTC_CR FMT, OSEL and POL Bits */   hrtc->Instan...

KKobe.1 by Associate
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I am trying to make X-CUBE-GCP working but till now there is no any sign of success. The major issues I am facing is with mqtt connection not being established.

As shown above, the error is coming after jwt is created successfully. I checked the default mqtt hostname is not working with my sample python code.I changed the hostname to and port number but still facing same issue.As suggeste...

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PDutt.2 by Associate II
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