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Resolved! TESEO LIV3F IO Supply Voltage

Hello,I would like to connect a TESEO LIV3F to an STM32 MCU that is powered using a 2.4v supply.Im wondering if I can drive TESEO's Vcc_io with a 2.4v supply or if I should use a 3.3v according to the datasheet and put a level shifter between them bo...

ABouk.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! S2LP sniff mode

Hi,I successfully configured the transceiver RX mode with RX always ON.Now I'm trying to use Sniff mode. Basically I copied the example from S2LP DK.   // Below the code relevant for sniff mode. Initial radio, packet and address // configu...

Evgeny M by Associate II
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Blue_NRG-2 examples load but dont run

I am trying to develop some custom code using the BlueNRG-2 chip. I have my own custom board but first I am trying to get things to work on the STEVAL-BCN002V1 blue tile. That board comes preloaded with the Sensor Demo which worked fine. I am using t...

JWall.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! BALFLB-WL-08D3 with STM32WL54CC at 433MHz

Hello,i need to know if you recommend to use the BALFLB-WL-08D3 at 433MHzI design my PCB with the STM32WL54CC, and it will operate between 433MHz and 435MHz. i want to know if the BALFLB-WL-08D3 is suitable for my application or if is better to desig...

malarab by Senior II
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BlueNRG 2

I am working with BlueNRG 2, and Tile both... I'm working in BlueNRG-1_2 DK 3.2.3. In the xx\BlueNRG-1_2 DK 3.2.3\Firmware\BLE_Examples\BLE_SerialPort\BlueNRG-2 folder, there is Server bin and hex files which work great. However, when I go to the C:\...

LPrin.1 by Associate II
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