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Resolved! STM32_Programmer_CLI.exe question

I have a custom board with STM32G070RB micro. I programmed the board several times for debugging in the development phase using theST-LINK//V2 in CubeIDE.Now I would like to generate a .bat file to program the boards, but I am facing some problems.My...

tabekb by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32CubeProgrammer 2.13 bugs

Hello,STM32CubeProgrammer 2.13 has some bugs:See attached picture, the Target information does not report the correct flash size, although it is reading the memory size correctly at 0x1FFF75E0Why does it have to read multiple times in a row the same ...

Kraal by Senior III
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Resolved! Bug with latest version and STM32G0B1KB MCU

When attempting to program an STM32G0B1KB MCU (128kB of flash) with the latest version of STM32CubeProgrammer (2.13.0) the target information flash size says it only has 63kB of flash. This is not a valid flash size for this family of MCUs, and it do...

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RHelv.1 by Associate II
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