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Resolved! Program flashed in reverse (MSB LSB)

Hello, I am using an STM32F427ZIT6 on a custom board for my project and it was working perfectly until now. I was able to programming it with an ST-Link V2 + ST-Link Utility as expected.I was working on adding DMA to my code but one day my chip stopp...

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PSicl.2 by Associate
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Hello !!! Some strange error occured when I've tried to transfer a block data. First, Ithe processor received (by serial-DMA) 2006 bytes each time and this is repeated for 240 times resulting an array of 480,000 bytes

The processor is the STM32L4R5 and the SMT32CubeIDE versin 1.6. uint16_t US_Cksum,Trans_Pointer,USA_Data[2006],US_Trans[480000];uint32_t US_Pointer; US_Pointer is zeroed at the start of the program US_Cksum=0;// For Checksu...

INaka.1 by Associate III
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