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Resolved! LoRa packet with CRC error treated as valid

A packet with CRC error has both SUBGHZ_IT_RX_CPLT and SUBGHZ_IT_CRC_ERROR flag set.In stm32wlxx_hal_subghz.c, this leads to both RxCpltCallback() and CRCErrorCallback() being called.

HugoL by Associate II
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Resolved! possible bug in F3xx Firmware?

When I compile a simple programm, using the CRC feature I get the following warning:In file included from ../Drivers/STM32F3xx_HAL_Driver/Inc/stm32f3xx_hal_def.h:30,                from ../Drivers/STM32F3xx_HAL_Driver/Inc/stm32f3xx_hal_rcc.h:29,     ...

CBerg by Senior
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Resolved! Wrong content in chapter of STM32L4 Training

In the eLearning course 'STM32L4 Training' ( - Academy) there is an error in the content : when you open the section 'STM32L4 training: 02.4 - Hands-on CRC unit', it actually plays contents about I2C, not about CRC. Please correct thi...

Strooom by Associate III
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STM32 Pmbus Crc Integration

Hi i have a STM32G474. I want to build a pmbus on that.  The stm has a default CRC32 module.In pmbus for the pec calculation crc8 is using. Can i change my default crc32 module to crc8 for the usage on pmbus?

gunccc by Associate II
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On the STM32H (not L) I need to use a 1-wire EPROM, and I try the generic driver calls generated by the IDE (HAL_SWPMI_Receive, HAL_SWPMI_Transmit, HAL_SWPMI_MspInit, etc.) and I see no bits going out on the scope, and the transmit times out.

I can "Transmit" but the TXE flag never clears and the transmit times out. It's unclear which parts of the bus are fully automated (reset, discovery, etc.) and how much of the CRC is handled, etc. I can see nothing on a scope, but if the chip gets in...

PBrai.1 by Associate
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Hard Fault when reading flash

I am working to generate the CRC for the flash memory, During this I am facing hard fault when the CRC module tries to read from certain flash locations, to debug it I made a small loop which assigns the value of each 4 byte. I found that reading at ...

sivaram by Associate III
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Catching and clearing BusFaults in STM32 H743

We are having issues with corrupted flash on the STM32 H7 series. The problem manifests where a read to the offending address in flash will cause a bus fault. We think it is down to bad CRC and the way to resolve is usually to wipe the flash and repr...

APipe.2 by Associate
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