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STM32CubeProgrammer 2.16.0 released

STM32CubeProgrammer v2.16.0 release informationNew features:• Added the support for the STM32U0 series– Flash memory/option byte/OTP programming via the debug and bootloader interfaces– RDP regression with password• Added the support for the STM32H7R...

Resolved! SFI Step-by-step on STM32 boards with STM32HSM-V2AE

Hi,I have a STM32HSM-V2AE and I tried to follow de "SFI Step-by-step on STM32 boards". In the part of "HSM programming" I connect the STM32HSM-V2AE to the computer with the smart card reader ACS ACR39U-UF but I have the following error:Error: HSM ini...

mikel-m by Associate II
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STM32CUbe programmer v2.15.0

I have detected a problem with the v2.15.0 (64 bits) when flashing a STM32L475 MCU.The message 'sector nnn does not exist' appears repeatdly when erasing sectors when flashing the device.This only happens with v2.15.0., and then the device last a lot...


STM32 device unable to detect on vmware vdi

I have tested few of the stm boards like STM32F302R8 , STM NUCLEO f767zi .We connect the hardware to laptop and usb pass through on VMware allows it to detect on virtual com port of VDI.But when we try to access the stm hardware through stmcube progr...

rj2024 by Associate II
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Private Key Encryption Using RHUK-DHUK

Dear Jocelyn RICARD @Jocelyn RICARD,I am reaching out to request guidance on encrypting a private key with RHUK and storing it in the OTP area. Could you please provide me with any relevant references or guidance on this matter?Thank you for your tim...

Resolved! STM32G4 bootloader via canbus

Im trying to bootloader my firmware in my nucleo G431RB vía canbus with a StLink v3 set,  its posible?. In An2606 says there is no opción.Do i have to write the bootloader ? And with that i will be able to load vía StLink v3 set?