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STM32H750 Hash peripheral issue

Hi all,I have two different batches of Revision V STM32H750VBT6. All units in one of the batches (Date Code 045) has issue with the hash peripheral while the one (Date Code 928) is working completely fine.I created a new basic project for testing thi...

0693W000007ZMTUQA4.png 0693W000007ZMWMQA4.png
CShen by Associate
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Dear STM32 Community, I am using : STM32H7xx HAL Driver version number V1.9.0 WolfSSL on a STM32H753, Crypto hardware accelerator not working for TLS

I am trying to use AES-GCM with the crypto hardware accelerator the normal Testvectors are working, but when I connect it to openssl the authentication Tag is wrong. Do you have any idea how to fix this? The normal Encryption in ECB is working. If I ...

AMuen.1 by Associate
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SBSFU debug along with the Application

Hi,I am facing some issues with debugging SBSFU project.When I flash the application in debug mode, I can not jump to breakpoints set in SBSFU projects.Is there any way to perfrom this.Best Regards,Ankush Nagaraju

ANaga.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! memory map adjust SBSFU on a STM32G474

HiI'm using the dual image function on a 512kB STM32G474. I like to adjust the bootloader size to 32kb because my user App is too big.In the AN5056 there is a note how to adjust it, but I'm not sure if this lines in the file low_level_security.h are ...

dominik by Senior
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trying to import one project to cubeide 1.5

Project imported: D:\Vrund\STM32CubeExpansion_SBSFU_V2.4.0\Projects\STM32F413H-Discovery\Applications\1_ImageIssue faced:15:42:35 **** Build of configuration Debug for project STM32F413H_DISCOVERY_1_Image_SECoreBin ****make all Building file: D:/Vrun...

vrund by Associate II
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Resolved! LIN Bus example on any family of STM32 MCU's

Hello. For my automotive project I need to imitate motorcycle handlebar that uses LINbus for buttons many buttons. Since I can't always take handle off motorcycle I need to make emulator of it.This is Typical frame, and I mapped all bits of this burs...

Linas L by Senior II
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