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Resolved! Cannot Set DMA to Secure (CCRx SECM)

I'm attempting to configure peripherals in STM32CubeMX, but I'm getting error_handler calls from my DMA configuration for ADC1.All the necessary peripherals (DMA1 channel1, ADC1) are configured as secure in CubeMX, but when HAL_ADC_MspInit attempts t...

MBand.3 by Associate III
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from AWS IoT expansion package, ST use secure element STSAFE-A110. ST also provides middleware and SBSFU etc to support secure boot and AWS secure communication. My question is how difficult of using other secure element ATECC608A?

I think using other secure element should feasible, but not sure how difficult it is.As ST provides a set of tools like SBSFU etc middleware, may I know is that easy to change to support other secure element other than STFAFE-A110?

jiangpen by Associate II
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Resolved! How to see the return value of the CRC_CalcCRC();

hi here I am configure the CRC register of STM32f469IITx I am using the function CRC_CalcCRC(); to generate the crc for 32-bit data.i am not getting the crc please any one help me.uint32_t data=0xAAAAAAAA;uint32_t crcvalue=0x00000000;how i am using ...

Trinu by Associate III
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