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STM32 Cryptographic library (cmox)

hi i'm new in stm32.i'm using stm32 cryptographic library (cmox) for encrypt my data.while using the library, i'm experiencing some strange.I'm trying to encrypt data after initializing the library and generating the encryption key, but the encryptio...

Resolved! Using derived hardware key (DHUK) with AES on stm32u5

I've been trying to set up the AES peripheral so that it's only using the hardware derived key from the SAES peripheral (without setting any clear text key). However, the only method mentioned in the reference manual on using the DHUK is through the ...


Resolved! F446RE Random Number Generator

I am Missing the Option Security>RNG in my the .ioc tool. Does the F446RE does not have a RNG?i experience identical problems to Implementation of ECC on STM32f446 (Page 1) — wolfSSL — wolfSSL - Embedded SSL Library 


Resolved! STM32U5 SAES/AES shared key in Trustzone with HAL

Hello,I'm trying to use the SAES/AES shared key functionality in a Trustzone (TZEN=1, RDP = 0), using the functions provided by the HAL library. The board I use is the B-U585I-IOT02A.The only project example I found is with Trustzone disabled, but it...

ptrchv by Associate II
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AES ECB initialization fails

Hi,I'm trying to encrypt and decrypt in my device, running on a STM32H753, using AES ECB.I'm initializing crypto like this:  hcryp.Instance = CRYP; hcryp.Init.DataType = CRYP_DATATYPE_8B; hcryp.Init.KeySize = CRYP_KEYSIZE_256B; hcryp.Init...

TVare.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! secure firmware update using USART

Hi everyone,I'm working in a Medical devices company and we use currently plenty of STM32s (F0,F1,F4, maybe soon H7). Until now, we didn't bother that much the cybersecurity topic for the firmwares but now the norms are forcing us :D.I checked a bit ...

TKopp.67 by Associate II
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Hard fault after enable MPU protection

Porting SBSFU 2.6.2 to STM32G0B1CEU6 (512K FLASH and 144K RAM) based on Nucleo-G071RB example.See the history of my previous Solved: SBSFU 2.6.2 firmware swapping issue - STMicroelectronics CommunityAfter I solved the firmware swapping issue, I went ...

hw310404 by Associate III
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Resolved! How to enable the STM32H750VBT6 HW crypto?

I've tried to enable the CRYPT and HASH peripherals by setting bits 5 and 4 in the AHB2ENR register, but all peripheral registers read as zero and writes are ignored as if the clock wasn't enabled or the peripheral was missing. Does this chip have ha...

JBram.1 by Associate II
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