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Resolved! Cryptographic Library

Hi,I am currently using the M3_CryptoFW_RngHW_2_0_6.lib for MDK-ARM. However, I must adhere to this specific library version, and I now need it for IAR, meaning that the required library is M3_CryptoFW_RngHW_2_0_6.a. How can I obtain this version for...

ari_v2 by Senior
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Resolved! Updating the uROT signature remotely in a production device

Here is my attempt at background as I understand it... iROT is a ROM program in the STM32H563. It contains a P256 EC algorithm, and checks some section of FLASH that you define as a program for a signature, then jumps to it. The definition of the pro...

MBC by Associate III
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Add a binary header and a sbsfu segment to an elf file

I have a problem with merge SBSFU .elf file and application .elf.I prepared:SBSFU.elf - addresses in linker script: 0x08000000 - 0x08020000application.elf - 0x08020400 - 0x081FFFFFheader.bin - size: 1024BSo I suppose, that like in SBSFU example heade...

MButk.1 by Associate
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Resolved! SBSFU --> MCU Boot with STM32U585 without Trustzone

Hi all,we would implement SBSFU (Secure Boot and Secure Firmware Update) on STM32U585.Our goals are:application do not use TrustZone feature (TZ_EN = 0)we want to avoid access to MCU on field (Device protection, for exapmle RDP = 1)question: if on fi...

SafeDev by Associate II
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Resolved! Secure Manager in DFU Mode

Hello, Actually am using STM32H5 board am able to load the secure manager using ST-Link Debugger but i would like to load the secure manager using usb dfu mode, is there any possiblity to load it.

Hitesh by Associate III
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Resolved! SBSFU | KMS | How to use KMS_GenerateKeyPair()

Hello all.I have a question about how to use KMS_GenerateKeyPair() function. There are no examples in the code, and API description is not really enough for my little brain. Could somebody provide me an example on how it should be used? What kind of ...

SBSFU project structure and setup?

Hi,My question is about project structure.To implement SBSFU what is the best or correct approach if I have a project that I would like to flash to a target incorporating SBSFU?Import four project folders (SBSFU, SECoreBin, UserApp and MyProject) int...

DHard.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! RDP of STM32G0B1xB/xC/xE

Hello .According to the reference manual, the default RDP level is set to level 1. However, after performing a full erase with ST-Link and then writing the hex file, the RDP level was found to be set to 0.I would like to set the RDP level to 1 at the...

aki49 by Associate II
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