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SBSFU - FW too big

I am adapting the NUCLEO-H753ZI single-slot project to work on a NUCLEO-H745ZI-Q board.My development environment is linux and I am using minicom for the ymodem upload.When flashed, the binary seems to function perfectly, but when I corrupt the image...

0693W000008y0DMQAY.png 0693W000008y0DRQAY.png 0693W000008y0DvQAI.png
AKhri.1 by Associate II
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Port KMS to STM32H7A3

Hi experts,I need to implement the storage of a security key (upgradable) on STM32H7A3. After reading the example code of KMS under project B-L475E-IOT01A in x-cube-sbsfu, and a few posts in the forum (KSM support on STMH7  and 2-images-kms-port-to-s...

JQiao.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! AES peripheral works differently

I want to use AES peripheral for encryption in ECB mode (256). I am able to encrypt and decrypt on the same MCU, but if I compare the encryption results, the HW peripheral has a different result than the SW library AES.c or encryption in Python - the...

JR2963 by Senior
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Resolved! Cryptographic Library

Hi,I am currently using the M3_CryptoFW_RngHW_2_0_6.lib for MDK-ARM. However, I must adhere to this specific library version, and I now need it for IAR, meaning that the required library is M3_CryptoFW_RngHW_2_0_6.a. How can I obtain this version for...

ari_v2 by Senior
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Resolved! Updating the uROT signature remotely in a production device

Here is my attempt at background as I understand it... iROT is a ROM program in the STM32H563. It contains a P256 EC algorithm, and checks some section of FLASH that you define as a program for a signature, then jumps to it. The definition of the pro...

MBC by Associate III
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Add a binary header and a sbsfu segment to an elf file

I have a problem with merge SBSFU .elf file and application .elf.I prepared:SBSFU.elf - addresses in linker script: 0x08000000 - 0x08020000application.elf - 0x08020400 - 0x081FFFFFheader.bin - size: 1024BSo I suppose, that like in SBSFU example heade...

MButk.1 by Associate
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Resolved! SBSFU --> MCU Boot with STM32U585 without Trustzone

Hi all,we would implement SBSFU (Secure Boot and Secure Firmware Update) on STM32U585.Our goals are:application do not use TrustZone feature (TZ_EN = 0)we want to avoid access to MCU on field (Device protection, for exapmle RDP = 1)question: if on fi...

SafeDev by Associate II
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Resolved! Secure Manager in DFU Mode

Hello, Actually am using STM32H5 board am able to load the secure manager using ST-Link Debugger but i would like to load the secure manager using usb dfu mode, is there any possiblity to load it.

Hitesh by Associate III
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