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Hi,Please help if possible.I have an automotive electronic board which has a BlueNRG-2 device on it and it runs Yocto Linux on its main processor which is connected to the Ble chip via UART interface. I have loaded the the BlueNRG-2 device with DTM f...

RAlma.1 by Associate III
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Hello,I'm using The BlueNRG-M2SP with the x-nucleo-BNRG2A1, and I wan't to send and receive ascii and hex, from the ble to my phone using "UART". I wan't to know if there is an example to use for this situation with or without flashing the BLE, Regards,

I'm using : the X-Nucleo-bnrg2A1A nucleo L476RGand I already tried to Flash my bluetooth with the examples on the firmware ST BLUENRG DK, especially the DTM. And tried the BLE_chat but I can't see the bluetooth in my phone using BLE Scanner.

abach.1 by Associate II
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Bluenrg-m2 SPI interface with stm32f103

#BlueNRG​  #STM32WB​ #BLE​ #[BLE Mesh]​ #[STM32 MCUs]​ #STM32F1​ I'm interfacing bluenrg-2m When I reset the reset pin, the bluenrg-2m set the boot pin to high, and this correspond to the external interrupt of mcu and this work successfully.The exter...

Advertising table problem

Hello,I am working on a BLE project and I have a prolem of advertising table.- when I try to fill the advertisement table and I want to add more information, I don't see all the advertisements on the application, and I see the arbitrary information,...

AMACH.1 by Associate II
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BlueNRG Windows connection problem

Greetings, fellow community members,I am currently utilizing the X-NUCLEO-IDB05A2 board and have configured the Bluetooth module using the BlueNRG GUI.The module establishes a successful connection with an Android phone without any issues. However, w...

MCift.1 by Associate
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