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Resolved! Check SDMMC bus from u-boot

Here the output of some commands issued on our target at u-boot stage:> STM32MP> mmc list > STM32 SDMMC2: 0 (SD) > STM32 SDMMC2: 1 > > STM32MP> ls mmc 0:4 > <DIR> 1024 . > <DIR> 1024 .. > <DIR> 12288 lost+found > 8192 u...

Mark81 by Associate III
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Resolved! Reserved memory region for M4 in ddr

Hello!I try to understand how to exclude some memory from ddr for Linux, but M4 must have to access to that memory, because M4 needs to store about 40 Mb, but not RETRAM or SYSRAM doesn't allow it. So, I try to store this in ddr, but I don't want tha...

VKare.1 by Associate II
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libmodbus on STM32MP157C-DK2

Hi,I want to use modbus TCP with the libmodbus library ( on the STM32MP157C-DK2. However I struggle to install/use the library. Any experiences or suggestions on installing/use external libraries with the SDK?For cross-compilat...

Lukas1 by Associate III
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Openbox-session not started :(

Hi!I installed st-example-image-x11 on the board STM32MP157x-DK2.I can not log in :(In the comments, I read that I need to fix the rootfs / etc / lxdm / lxdm.conf file.Here is the file with my corrections[base]## uncomment and set autologin username ...

AShva.1 by Associate II
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How to use SYSRAM via MCU in production mode?

Hi guys.i can quickly and easily access SYSRAM in engineering mode.i read in RM0436 Reference manual:backhand_index_pointing_down:  SYSRAM is implicitly allocated to the MPU. So there is no enable bit for the MPU to allocate this memory. But when the...

Fheid.1 by Associate III
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