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Resolved! multiple definition of `SysTick_Handler'

Hello,I created a new project in STM32CubeIDE for my STM32MP157A by using STM32CubeMX. In it I enabled UART and FreeRTOS on CMSIS-RTOSv2 and that's all. I use the auto generated code.Then I wanted to use TraceAlyzer on top of FreeRTOS however, upon i...

Fnx_QT by Associate III
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Resolved! OpenAMP_FreeRTOS example vs Cube Project - Why is the Cube project putting the init for IPCC and OpenAMP is the else section of the Is_Engineering_Boot_Mode() if statement?

I created a project using CUBEIDE for STM32MP157C-DK2 and set all peripherals to initialize. I enabled FreeRTOS and then started porting over the example code in in the Projects folder for the OpenAMP_FreeRTOS_echo application. It is all compiling ...

GreenGuy by Senior III
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Receiving data in RTOS

Hi, I am using stm32F767zi controller board with STONE 15" display. We are having trouble receiving data from the LCD panel. When we try to receive registry entry (8 Bytes) the system works fine, but when we try to read the variable register, the rec...

Kkhan.2 by Associate
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