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Resolved! SPI HW testing (STM32MP157CAA)

Hi there, I have started looking into writing a test program/script to test the functionality of the one of the SPI bus interface (which in the current board called SPI6). Now when I looked into the kernel (the below is the STM kernel we are using at...

VivekB by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32MP135x-DK spidev SPI5 troubleshooting

HelloI have an STM32MP135x-DK board and have built my own openstllinux image and rootfs for it as shown in this article. I'm trying to get spi5 to show up in /dev so I can use spidev t...

robo1340 by Associate II
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Hello, I want to enable SPI4 but just get a timeout. My SOM is based on STM32MP157, use Linux 5.10 Main line. I connected a logic analyser and see the pins are set to high a soon linux was booted. I dont see any clock impulses.

My device tree:spi4_pins_csa: spi4-0 { pins { pinmux = <STM32_PINMUX('E', 12, AF5)>, /* SPI4_SCK */ <STM32_PINMUX('E', 14, AF5)>; /* SPI4_MOSI */ bias-disable; drive-push-pull; slew-rate = <1>; }; pins2 { pinmux = <STM32_PI...

mmc-spi error on STM32MP135-DK

We are using STM32MP135-DK and we connect to SPI5 an SD Card Adapter.We modified the device tree as follows to use the mmc-spi-slot driver: &spi5{    pinctrl-names = "default", "sleep";    pinctrl-0 = <&spi5_pins_mx>;    pinctrl-1 = <&spi5_sleep_pins...

OPetr.2 by Associate II
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