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Yocto Release

As Mickledore is no longer supported (by yocto) when can we expect an updated yocto release from ST for the stm32mp1 series?

SLetter by Associate III
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Resolved! Linux kernel Build Fails

i am using ubuntu 22.04 ltsThe above mentioned photo  is what was the output when i follow Readfile. How to do.txt;i cannot able to figure out what was the issue.And because of this issue i am getting this issue isn't it?  (below attached)Now this er...

Screenshot from 2024-03-12 16-53-58.png Screenshot from 2024-03-12 16-08-48.png Screenshot from 2024-03-12 17-07-44.png

Resolved! XGboost model for STM32MP157D-DK1

Hello, I was wondering by using X-AI package. Will I be able to use the XGboost model converted to ONXX format in STM32 MP157 A7 core.  Or it only supports Neural Network models? I was browsing through the forum and found that ONXX runtime recipe is ...

meme002 by Associate II
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STM32MP135 ST PMIC Driver panic

We designed a STM32MP135 based SOM, without using the ST I2C PMIC,  I was able to disable the PMIC driver in TF-A by removing the i2c 4 node in TF-A's dts file, while I could not get the same result for optee-os,  even I removed the i2c-4 node in opt...

efancier by Associate II
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Install Python Packaces STM32MP1

First of all i am new at embedded linux so i will be very pleased if you explain things like i am 5 years old.I have a python program working on my main PC uses openai-whisper ( Whisper Github  ) . I want to run it on my STM32MP157c-DK2 board. I inst...

Power button doesn't trigger shutdown

Hi,  I have an STM32MP1 MPU based module running OpenSTLinux.Whenever I press the power button, this gets recorded in journalctl:root@STLinux:~# journalctl --unit systemd-logind --follow-- Logs begin at Fri 2020-02-07 15:50:56 UTC. --Jan 22 15:15:37 ...

harm by Associate
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