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UART does not send data which come from gui?

Hi everyone,I'm using STM32g491 and rs485 modules. I'm trying to transmit data from uart1 with DMA when I receive data. There is a dilemma it transmit data but also does not? When I try to send a buffer which defined on stm's code, it transmits but w...

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MÇETİ.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32MP15x USART/UART Default Pins

Is stated on STM32MP157 datasheet's boot mode table that the MPU can be booted through UART: – USART2/3/6 and UART4/5/7/8 on default pins Nevertheless, I wasn't able to find which are the default pins for the UART interfaces, on the datasheet or refe...

Not sure why I cannot enter UARTn_IRQHandler

I have three UARTs on the board, all passed the loopback test (wire the tx and rx pin together on the same UART)Then I connect UART 1 to UART2 while UART 1 is transmitter and UART2 is receiver.UART 1 is using HAL_UART_Transmit() to send data to UART2...

dchen by Associate II
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How to use gtk & device file together

bord: STM32MP157-EV1I want the LCD to display messages received by UART communication.However, when I run GTK with the command below, I get an error because I can't access the device -l weston -c "/usr/local/xxxx"What should I do?

stomo.1 by Associate II
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UART7 problem in STM32MP157F-DK2

We are trying to read an analog value from a sensor (PF14 pin - A0 on Arduino connectors) and send it over UART (UART7 - PE7 for RX, PE8 for TX) for reading in the terminal of computer. We use M4 for this aim. Our final goal is to read the analog val...

bilgitay by Associate
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RS485, DE after one time sending stays high

Next problem with my board is the RS485. I can send bytes, but can't receive because after sending once the DE stays always high. Without sending receive of course works.&uart5 { status = "okay"; pinctrl-names = "default", "sleep","idle"; pi...

jhi by Senior
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Resolved! STM32MP153 M4 UART core hangs after 30-60min

I have the M4 core using a UART core to send and receive data using DMA. This works just fine but over time after 30-60min the core crashes/locks up and reinitializing the UART channel does not help at all it actually crashes the sytem. Under normal ...