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STM32MP157C - ADC issues in Engineering Mode

Hello,I am trying to read an analog value of PA4 of the STM32MP157CAC with ADC1 but it does not work.I am using from Emtrion the emSTAMP-Argon as module.I also tried to read the internal temperature sensor instead with ADC2 but that failed as well.I ...

DMA stops due to ADC Overrun

Hi,I have a problem with the DMA seemingly being shut down due to ADC overrun.What I want to achieve: Three ADC channels should be read indefinitely and the values should be written to memory by DMA as soon as they are ready.What's currently happenin...

RPape.1 by Associate II
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Permanent current drain from VBAT

Hi,we are using a coin cell to supply the internal RTC of an STM32MP157 when our system is unpowered.This works as expected - as long as the external supply is off. As soon as the system is powered on, the battery is discharged with >20µA.Observing t...

jvog.sen by Associate II
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