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Resolved! Uboot not seeing the sd card that it was loaded from

When I start uboot it says MMC: STM32 MMC: SD/MMC:0 and STM32 SD MMC: 1 but then it won't boot linux saying "No block device".  I have looked at the eval board DTS and tried to include as much relevant items as I could but am not getting any signs of...

dkal by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32MP151C U-boot stucks after relocating

 Hi there,I currently work on the integration of OPTEE to our custom STM32MP151C-based platform. The problem that I've faced is that U-boot hangs just after the board_init_f() function and relocation procedure: NOTICE: CPU: STM32MP151CAC Rev.ZNOTICE:...

PPiwk.1 by Associate II
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Start Linux Kernel from TF-A

Hello, I want to boot Linux straight from the FSBL, avoiding SP-Min and U-Boot. Is there any configuration or information on how to do this? Thank you.   I got a STM32MP157F-EV1 board, I wouldn't mind using TF-A or U_Boot SPL,   I am also looking at ...

AGamb.4 by Associate III
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OpenSTLinux without OP-TEE on stm32mp157c-dk2

Hello everyone,I have the stm32mp157c-dk2 for performance evaluations. Our goal is to check if the CPU/GPU performance is good enough for our next productm which will be used as a GUI frontend.I built the openstlinux (mickledore) as-is from github su...

arslan by Associate II
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Resolved! Optee permission errors

I'm having trouble in bringing up my custom board. I've made a custom device tree using CubeMX and adding the sections as described in "Lab-MP15_FromPartNumber_To_BasicDeviceTree_with_CubeMx". I can program fsbl-boot and fip-boot, but i'm not able to...