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Resolved! Linux kernel Build Fails

i am using ubuntu 22.04 ltsThe above mentioned photo  is what was the output when i follow Readfile. How to do.txt;i cannot able to figure out what was the issue.And because of this issue i am getting this issue isn't it?  (below attached)Now this er...

Screenshot from 2024-03-12 16-53-58.png Screenshot from 2024-03-12 16-08-48.png Screenshot from 2024-03-12 17-07-44.png

STM32MP1 - VBAT characteristics - need clarity

Hi,we're using STM32MP1 for our project. we have connected super cap to VBAT.our expectation is to have VBAT supply power to RTC *alone*. we dont want RAM content to be retained. so that RTC shall remain powered for long time. currently the VBAT is s...

ARama.1 by Associate II
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