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Problems with DCMI DMA callback registration. Environment: MCU: STM32MP157/M4; SW: STM32Cube FW_MP1 V1.6.0; Engineering Boot Mode

Hi all!Environment: I use MX to configure the DCMI Peripheral including DMA!MX generates MX_DMA_Init() and MX_DCMI_Init()After DCMI initialization in main with the above mentioned functions I use the functions HAL_DMA_RegisterCallback(&hdma_dcmi, HAL...

MLENG.1 by Associate
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DMA stops due to ADC Overrun

Hi,I have a problem with the DMA seemingly being shut down due to ADC overrun.What I want to achieve: Three ADC channels should be read indefinitely and the values should be written to memory by DMA as soon as they are ready.What's currently happenin...

RPape.1 by Associate II
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Stm32mp157a dac dma issue

Hi,We are using Stm32mp157a processor in my custom board.We are trying to work on dac with DMA but it is not working.You can see my configurations below.In cube mx for DAC there is no Dma we added DMA manually with reference Stm32mp1 Uart ...

DMA2 RX stream5 CM4 not working

Hello , I am trying to configure RX (only) with dma. I am using DMA2 stream5 on usart3 I have connected USB to UART bridge (4 wire) on 40 pin headers RX,TX,VDD(3) and GND on CN7. Whenever I am trying to send any data from the comport (teraterm ) fro...

PVaaz.1 by Associate III
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