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STM32MP135 ST PMIC Driver panic

We designed a STM32MP135 based SOM, without using the ST I2C PMIC,  I was able to disable the PMIC driver in TF-A by removing the i2c 4 node in TF-A's dts file, while I could not get the same result for optee-os,  even I removed the i2c-4 node in opt...

efancier by Associate II
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STM32MP157D-DK1 monitor resolution problems

I have an STM32MP157D-DK1 development board and have built a buildroot image using the bootlin buildroot-external-st (st_stm32mp157d_dk1_demo_defconfig) external build tree. I have an Acubrite 12" 1080p touchscreen monitor that I am trying to get wor...

adrayic by Associate
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Resolved! gcnano-binaries 6.4.7 has flickering issues

Hello,Here's the context of my issue.I'm using buildroot 2022.11 to build a rootfs for a custom stm32mp157 board using a LCD display;the Linux kernel is 5.10.116 (;the GUI app is built us...

AGamb.5 by Associate II
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VSYNC seems unresponsive in Qt 5.15 EGLFS

Hi, Last couple of weeks I am trying to debug a rendering issue between eglfs and what I believe to be a VSYNC/Tearing issue. For testing I am using a bootlin demo build-root image with elgfs support. The image has Qt5.15, EGLFS and EGL support (more...

KChar.1 by Senior
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SP_MIN for V4.0.0

I've just made the switch for V4.0.0 (A-TF 2.6, Linux 5.15 but with Barebox instead of U-Boot) using Buildroot as before.I had trouble to bring the system up because of what has been changed in regard to SCMI.The DT node's compatible name was changed...

fpoussin by Associate III
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Pinmux RSVD in mainline Linux

Hi!I use buildroot - NOT openstlinux.My M4 code works fine in engineering mode, but fails in production mode.I suspect that it is due to the device tree file.The DTS file generated by STM32CubeIDE has some pinmux assignments to "RSVD", which fails in...

MSven.2 by Associate II
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