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Hi, I have built the OpenSTLinux distribution according to your wiki guide (

I want to populate the distribution to an SD-card and mount it in STM32MP157A-DK1 according to this link: host PC is a virtual machine ...

JMour.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Openstlinux and STM32CubeProgrammer

Hi, I try upload Openstlinux-5.4-dunfell-mp1-20-06-24 in a stm32mp157c-ev1(Nand).I used STM32_Programmer_CLI version 2.3.0 and I get the next error:------------------------STM32_Programmer_CLI ---------------------------------reconnecting the device ...

AVazquez by Associate III
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Can't Burn eMMC with DCMI camera plugged

Hi, i moved to new ecosystem v2.0 "dunfell" and added my layers of wifi,camera, openCV and python packages from old Yocto ecosystem. when i trying to burn my custom board eMMC with my dcmi camera plugged it stuck on U-boot waiting for the USB connect...

SMich.1 by Senior
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Download Segment Error while flashing the image?

Error: failed to download Segment[0]Error: failed to download the FileError: Download partition 0x21 failedError: TSV flashing service failedI am getting this error while flashing the image. I took the st-image-weston and deleted the ui and audio pac...

Hsn by Associate III
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How to recover after flashing wrong tf-a firmware?

Hi,I was looking at the ST Yocto dunfell update and wanted to update tf-a firmware and u-boot: I did not realize which of the tf-a versions ...

Jin by Associate II
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