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Question on setting for NRG-1 and NRG-2

I am using NRG-1 for my product development but I have only NRG-2 kit on hand. I am using NRG-2 project to develop my SW for using DK kit but I found there are 250kHz frequency offset when the software is applied to my HW for using NRG-1 inside. Is...

HLI.16 by Associate
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Spectrum distortion in maximum power setting

Hi all,I am working on NRG-132 for my product development and it is fine for spectrum with Power Level from 0 - 14 (ie -18dBm -- 4dBm). However, when I set to powerlevel = 15 or PA_level in BlueNRG GUI in level 7, the output spectrum will be distort...

HLI.16 by Associate
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Balun options for BlueNRG?

I'm using BlueNRG132 (QFN32) in a custom PCB project. Currently I'm using BALF-NRG-01D3 chip, but I would like to know if there are other options of Balun Chips to use with BlueNRG and 2.4 Ghz (50 Ohm matched) antenna. On the other hand, I would like...

FHern by Associate
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I want to take images from a CMOS camera and wanna send to a mobile phone, It is clear that DCMI offers perfect solution to get images but I could not find any sufficient way to send images to a mobile phone via wireless communication.

More spesicifly , I could not calculate the data size for every image and I am not able to determine which wireless communication protocol for mobile phone suits to my project. Would you guys give me clue,reference or idea?