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I'm having trouble with i2c communication. In my i2c bus, i have 4 boards (STM32L4 Sensortiles) and sometimes one of them blocks the bus and the others stop communicating consequently. When I reset that one that blocks the bus, all boards starting wo...


Can I use STLINK-V3 SWD for BlueNRG debug?

Hi, I'm trying to use STLINK-V3 MB1440B for BlueNRG2 debug. I'm connecting the SWD connector on STLINK to JTAG connector on BlueNRG development board. The BlueNRG-1_2 flasher shows "Waiting device to read ->" and stucks there when I tried to read the...

plumyay by Associate
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BLUENRG-M2SA is my processor.  I am starting a gpio toggle to test it out.  It compiles normally in Keil and Atollic.  It only appears to use Keil program even when attolic is the programmer.  The device will enter debug mode in Attollic how ever it ...

BLUENRG how to enable notification?

i am able to read characteristic by using ACI_GATT_READ_CHARACTERISTIC_VAL, and update characteristic by using aci_gatt_update_char_value_ext(), the returned value is correct. howevever, the client's aci_gatt_notification_event() was not triggered.

ann by Associate II
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Ethernet Pin Mismatch Issue (STM32F779BI)

I am working on Ethernet (Part No : STM32F779BI )I am able to display webpage using ethernet with follwing pin mapping    PE2   ------> ETH_TXD3  PG14   ------> ETH_TXD1  PG13   ------> ETH_TXD0  PG11   ------> ETH_TX_EN  PH3   ------> ETH_COL  PH2  ...

What kind of interfaces (open drain, push-pull, pull-up, all of them?) are compatible with the input/output of the ST2378E?

Hello ST team,I need to create a TTL interface between two microcontrollers. One of them is supplied with 3V and the other one with 5V.The 3V microcontroller output can be configured with a pull-up or in open-drain.The 5V microcontroller has a 5V pus...

BNord.1 by Associate III
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stm32f103ZCT6 communication with an ADC IC (ad7730) through SPI works fine in the debug mode but when I disconnect it from stlink and run the board normally, I receive random and wrong data.

 After inspection I realized that RCC_CFGR register is different when running in different modes (debug and normal). I fixed the issue by writing RCC -> CFGR = 0x1F040A. Now the register is the same but the problem still exists.another strange fact i...

DKari.1 by Associate II
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