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ST7580 error code 0x08

I'm developing a power line communication with the ST7580. Sometimes I get an error code 0x08 returned by ST7580_DlData function. This code is not listed in Table 14 of the user manual. What causes this error?

wogr by Associate
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RS-485 data Receiver Issue

Hi, We are using ST3485EIDT and ST3485EBDR RS485 IC in our Gateway device to collect the data from Slave devices. We are reading 30 parameters (1 Packet) from slave Device. Frequency: 1 parameter per sec. Baud Rate 9600 bps. We are noticing some issu...

NK.1 by Associate II
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need help designing a custom pcb

Hello, i am really new to pcb design, in fact this is the first time i done it. the problem i get is, where to do i connect the BOOT0 pin? i know if you connect it to VDD then it will boot from the system memory. if i connect it to gnd then it will b...

Podex by Associate II
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Uart connection via RS485 stm32f411 to PC

I am programming stm32411CeU Blackpill- i want to make connection between the Stm32 and Pc Via RS485 ..i wrote this simple code like in the photo..but i have problem with the output .. i get this weird characters like in the photo i tried different n...

wisam_3-1704897624860.png wisam_4-1704897643473.png
wisam by Associate
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STEVAL-FKI433V2 send custom data on GPIO

Hi, I'm new with this development board.My target is to use the S2-LP DK Application to configure the board to send data from a GPIO.Do I have to put my data on GPIO_0 and the clock signal to GPIO_1?Why is the clock signal needed?In this way it is po...

Resolved! UHF RFID solution

Hi,I'm searching for UHF RFID reader IC (860-960 MHz). I found the one and only solution as "ST25RU3993". But it is NRND. So, what can I use for my new design. And is there any cheaper solution? This IC is very costly. If I ignore the cost as of now,...

Resolved! BLUENRG-LP custom project issues

Hello thereI have a custom board based on STEVAL-IDB011V2 EVM. Is the same schematic but I have a problem with this. Apparently it boots but not run... When I flash "Hello World" example I have some issue that I can't check why.... The expected messa...

LTrin.1 by Associate II
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