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Resolved! ST60A3H1 underwater performance?

The ST60A3H1 looks very interesting. While I understand an NDA is required for access to the complete details on this solution, would it be possible to say if it works underwater as communication between ROV modules?Scenario:IC A | 1mm air or mineral...

StefanH by Associate III
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Resolved! Problem with reading MPU-6500 by STM32

Hi!I have a problem with reading data from MPU-6500 gyroscope/accelerometer (Arduino-module GY-6500/GY-9250). I am using the I2C protocol. When reading the WHO_AM_I_REG register ( with address = 0x75 ) I always get the number 0x70, although all publi...

RTC: Oscillator Fail detection.

Hi All,I am currently using your RTC: M41T81M6F and I am evaluating to add, as additional homologation, your RTC: M41T81SM6F.I have seen that the “new” one has additional features such as oscillator Fail detection and Battery Low detection, however o...

AKhar.4 by Associate
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STEVAL-FKI915V1 s2-lp

hidoes anybody nows how the auto fequency offset works?is there a register? it works only with the steval board ?how does the board calculate the correction?Thank'smarco

Mmila.9 by Associate II
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Resolved! PCB design problem with Bluenrg-332ac

Hi everyone,I am currently designing my own PCB board using the bluenrg-332ac chip. I want to use the ufl/SMA port to connect my antenna without connecting the PCB antenna. So I wonder how to remove the PCB antenna from the PCB layout with only UFL p...