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Why does my Transmition is not complete.

Hello on my serdev when i set it up the transmition complete is not set:stm32-usart 4000f000.serial: transmission complete not setI configurated my device tree like this:&usart3 { compatible = "st,stm32-uart", "st,stm32f7-uart", "st,stm32h7-uart";...

SAman.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Recovering from a stucked bootloader (STM32MP151)

Hello, my EVB is based on STM32MP151A SoC. The situation we are facing is that sometimes, the FSBL gets stuck and we would like to recover from it. i.e. reflash some Known Good FSBL.   As the FSBL in that situation is kinda functional, the device wil...

JSamo.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! Can I boot up Linux on STM's MCU??

Hi, everyone. I am planning to make communication system with stm MCU.AND, at the same time, I should boot up 'Linux' OS on stm MCU, for matching with other systems.I'm just wondering that stm MCU can carry on Linus OS.If stm MCU can use Linux OS, Wh...

EHa.1 by Associate II
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How to restore eMMC on stm32mp157a EV1 board

While learning how eMMC partitioning works, I issued a mmc create gp command from Linux and since then I cannot flash a new image on a EV1 board. The error message I get is:Message from Embedded Flash Loader : ssbl (0x6): invalid address 0x80000 (min...

EMaes.1 by Associate II
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