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On STM32MP1, how to use the internal temperature sensor, ADC2_INP12 and internal factory calibration?Any example?Is it possible to access these data via A7 or just on M4 ?
I managed to make the M4 WWDOG to work.I got on Linux cmd line:remoteproc remoteproc0: crash detected in m4: type watchdogHow can I catch and handle this events programmatically on a shell script, C or Python ?
I'm following the OpenAMP_TTY_echo example.To do a Tx it basically uses two functions: VIRT_UART_Init and VIRT_UART_TransmitAfter I use VIRT_UART_Init, I can see in the Linux terminal a log message something that suggests the initialization is workin...
I'm not sure if this is a bug, but STM32CubeMX assumes GPIO is input while using LL library? And is not configuring it to be Input ?I found that I had to force to configure the pin as Input so it will work with external interrupts.
If I set the Counter Period (AutoReload Register) to max 0xFFFF and the TIM capture/compare register to 0xFFFF too, I cannot get a full width output, I still get one tick on output.Is that expected?
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