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eMMC flash without STM32CubeProgrammer

Hello everyone,we have a custom board with STM32MP157F. The board is equipped with SD and eMMC. We do not have USB on endproduct. Our plan flashing eMMC is as follows: 1. create yocto image for eMMC 2. create SD image 3. generate SD raw image with th...

arslan by Associate II
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OPCUA asynchronous client communication

Dear community,I'm currently having a problem setting up an OPCUA client. Using the open62541 package, I was able to connect to an OPCUA server created in Node-Red. I was able to both read and write to the server's addresses. The connection was made ...

STM32MP135 ST PMIC Driver panic

We designed a STM32MP135 based SOM, without using the ST I2C PMIC,  I was able to disable the PMIC driver in TF-A by removing the i2c 4 node in TF-A's dts file, while I could not get the same result for optee-os,  even I removed the i2c-4 node in opt...

efancier by Associate II
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Incorrect CPSIZE for STM32MP1 FMC

I am using the FMC peripheral of the STM32MP157 to access the FPGA, the FMC is configured as a Synchronous read synchronous write PSRAM. For the simplicity of the FPGA logic design I would like to have the burst reads and burst writes with CRAM page ...