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STM32H743 RDP Level 1

Hii dont fully get what is possible under RDP Level1 on STM32H743. I have a application which loads credentials into SRAM2. AN5156 writes that debug accesses to SRAM2 are forbidden. As it seems i can still read SRAM2 via STM32CubeProgrammer but the d...

bgi95 by Associate
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Erase non secure page from secure domain

Hi,we are developing a firmware on the STM32U575QG MCU. Trustzone is enabled and configured as follows (DBANK active).Flash memory size is 1MB, with DBANK active. So, from my understanding, it should be two different bank, each one composed by 64 pag...

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Hello, I would like to install the stm32 cryptographic firmware library to use with the STM32F030K6Tx.I download the latest version of the library the 4.1.0 from followed the guide https...

LMalv.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Can't activate readout protection using option bytes

HiI try to activate readout protection using jlink/jflash.The read out protection is level 0 (0xaa on last bytes of option byte currently 0xDFFFE1AA), I want to set level 1, using 0x00 value instead of AA.After flashing my binary, lock and optlock pr...

GBout1 by Associate
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Resolved! DIfference in results based on different AES mode

If I use AES mode CRYP_CR_ALGOMODE_AES_CBC, the decryptedText array does not match with the last 3 uint32_t values in the array. Same goes with ECB mode. However, when GCM or CCM modes are used, the decrypted data is same as the plain text. I could n...

abtom87 by Associate II
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