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I2S_CKIN Not Displaying in SAI UI

Hi there!When I set up a fresh project for the STM32G431KB in STM32CubeIDE, let's say I want the SAI to be clocked by an external clock source.So, in the prefs, I set Audio Clock Input (I2S_CKIN):Then I set up my Clock Configuration:Now one would exp...

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etheory by Senior
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STM32F401RE + CCA02M1 : beamforming demo

Hello, I am trying to use the STM32F401RE + CCA02M1 boards based on the software Acoustic_BF provided by the package X-CUBE-MEMSMIC1 : this software the audio is sent to the PC by USB.  W...

AKuhn.9 by Associate
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I wonder what is a best way to play a file in small chunks? Is there is a standart way of doing it or you should make a timer that expires just before the previous data is played and then call BSP_AUDIO_OUT_Play() again?

ALevc.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! BSP_AUDIO_OUT_Play ends up in Default_Handler

Hello,I try to play a sound using stm32h747i_discovery_audio.c. Initialization goes well void CAudioController::AudioOutInit() { BSP_AUDIO_Init_t audioOutInit;   if (!audioOutInitDone_) { audioOutInit.Device = AUDIO_OUT_DEVICE_HEA...

ALevc.1 by Associate III
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STM32G4 UCPD without RTOS?

I am interested in the UCPD peripheral built in to the STM32G431. However, I noticed that the software support for the peripheral requires FreeRTOS. Does anyone know of any support (or planned support) for the UCPD peripheral that does not require an...

jefflongo by Associate III
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Fresh install of CubeMX 5.6 - can't install latest CMSIS, CUBE-LRWAN, MEMSMIC, analog, timcooker libraries - all report .pdsc failure?

Trying to do a build of STM32L073, with latest CMSIS, LRWAN, MEMSMIC, and other libraries, but all seem to fail install into CubeMX on Win10. All install attempts report some .pdsc database failure. This is a new / clean install, and trying to add pa...

TZiel.1 by Associate
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