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BlueNRG GUI and DK not completely installed

Hi everyone,I tried installing the package "BlueNRG GUI 3.1.0" and I faced certain issues during its installation. First one, there was an issue in driver installation. I am using the STEVAL - IDB008V2 board. But the main issue is with the installati...

0690X000008B9guQAC.png 0690X000008B9hsQAC.png 0690X000008B9jKQAS.png 0690X000008B9jPQAS.png
MagSense by Associate II
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BlueNRG-1 TEST pin usage

What is the use of TEST pin on BlueNRG-1? STEVAL-IDB007 has a 100K pull-down connected to it, with a jumper that allows a connection to VDD. BlueNRG-MS has it connected directly to GND.Datasheet states that it should be connected to GND, so I expect ...

rastik by Associate III
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C/Q Pin on L6362A

Dear members, reading iO-Link transceiver datasheets like ​for the L6362A i wonder why the Q/C pin and the DI/DO pin are capable of driving loads, i.e. like inductive loads? As far as i understand these pins always are connected to the master, never ...

Two KSZ8851SNL on STM32, working like a hub

I have two KSZ8851SNL connected to an STM32H7 board.In a certain operating mode, I would like to make a 'transparent' connection (on link level) between the two interfaces, so the board with the two interfaces acts like a simple hub.So if I receive a...

Jack3 by Senior II
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