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hi, We have RS-485 with ST1480. we need 1kV surge protection. We use TVS and serie resistor in front-end. surge pulse higher then absolute rating. Will chip survive this. regards

When surge will be done the lab, they will surge at 1kV so every TVS can get (1000-31)/80 = 12A in theory. As 1A gives already 19V this is also above absolute ratings, 12A will be close to 28V.absolute rating inpût is 14V. for a quality product: can ...

DScho.1 by Associate
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S2LP CLI problems

I am using a STEVAL-FKI433V2 to try to create a packet sniffer. The standard on-board software is clearly capable of working with the supplied Python GUI to configure the radio and listen for packets. I have been attempting to send commands to the de...

unicycle by Associate III
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USB-PD Core Stack

Document UM2552 does not mention Fast Role Swap, Does STM USB-PD core stack library support FRS? If it does, anyone have more information about FRS in USB-PD core stack?Thanks

AZhou by Associate II
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BlueNRG-1 high consumption in low power mode

Hi!I'm using BlueNRG-1 to beacon some messages.I tested a simple scenarious:100ms advertising messagesAdvertising with no connections allowed (ADV_NONCONN_IND)disable all GPIOsdisable debug printf and UARTI use the BLE_BEACON sample code with SDK 3.2...

0693W000001pVOAQA2.jpg 0693W000001pVOZQA2.jpg
uilter by Senior
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