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What kind of interfaces (open drain, push-pull, pull-up, all of them?) are compatible with the input/output of the ST2378E?

Hello ST team,I need to create a TTL interface between two microcontrollers. One of them is supplied with 3V and the other one with 5V.The 3V microcontroller output can be configured with a pull-up or in open-drain.The 5V microcontroller has a 5V pus...

BNord.1 by Associate III
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stm32f103ZCT6 communication with an ADC IC (ad7730) through SPI works fine in the debug mode but when I disconnect it from stlink and run the board normally, I receive random and wrong data.

 After inspection I realized that RCC_CFGR register is different when running in different modes (debug and normal). I fixed the issue by writing RCC -> CFGR = 0x1F040A. Now the register is the same but the problem still exists.another strange fact i...

DKari.1 by Associate II
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MODBUS RTU reading problems

I have a problem with modbus-rtu communication in my stm project.The STM32F446RE is connected to a MAX485 board by UART1 to RO-DI pin and by a GPIO pin to RE-DE.A typical instruction (variable:INSTRUCTION.array_instruction) is something like 01 06 26...

S2-LPQTR with external power 1.8V on SMPS2.

Hi all! I developed custom board with S2-LPQTR and STM32 uc. S2-LPQTR - answer through SPI and transmite to radio channel through BALF-SPI2-02D3, but don't receive any message.I connect on SMPS2 pin external 1.8V from LDO. In all example boards inte...

rraf3 by Associate
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MTU extension leads to HardFault error.

Hi I am using Bluenrg_m2 expansion board X_Nucleo_Bluenrg2 along with the controller Stm32l476rg. Reffered example is 'SampleApp' form X_cuble_BLE2_v1.0.0.I am trying to send 160 bytes of the fixed data over BLE frequently but after sending one packe...

Skada.3 by Associate III
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USB HID keyboard stm32f103 - CubeMX

I want to make a usb hid keyboard stm32. it possible in addition to the 6 keys that I transmit to add another byte in which to contain a variable that can be read by the application on the computer? Ex: | 0 - Key modifier | 1 | key1 | key2 | key3 | k...

MRusu.1 by Associate
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