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STM32CubeProgrammer 2.17.0 released

STM32CubeProgrammer v2.17.0 release information New features:• Added the support for the STM32MP25xx microprocessors in the STM32MP2 series – Flash memory and OTP programming, SSP support Added the support for devices in the STM32WB0 series: STM32WB0...

Typo in CubeProgrammer CLI help text

 Clearly, the angle brackets for the 'port' option are mismatched.It should say:port=<PortName>The error is repeated in UM2237 Rev 18 (the current version) - and note that the User Manual does not match the actual output:

0693W00000LvxFmQAJ.png 0693W00000LvxKNQAZ.png

Can't erase L010 EEPROM with CubeProgrammer 2.10

Hi,I don't remember having this issue with v2.8 of STM32CubeProgrammer, but right now when I try to program a STM32L010 with an elf file that has the EEPROM part filed with values, both the GUI and the CLI fail to erase the EEPROM part of it, abortin...

Kraal by Senior III
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on page 95 of manual UM2237 (STM32CubeProgrammer command line interface (CLI) for MCUs) there is a reference to a "programming manual" and a "reference manual." Can you tell me how to acquire these? I can't find them on the web site.

This is the text from the manual:For more information about the device option bytes, refer to the dedicated section in the programming manual and reference manual, both available on

KLock.2 by Associate II
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What do "Download" and "Upload" mean?

In the Good Old Days, "Download" always meant sending stuff to the Target (ie, programming), and "Upload" meant getting stuff from the Target (reading).But the ones at Arduino have messed that up, saying "Upload" for programming the, https:...