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STM32CubeProgrammer 2.16.0 released

STM32CubeProgrammer v2.16.0 release informationNew features:• Added the support for the STM32U0 series– Flash memory/option byte/OTP programming via the debug and bootloader interfaces– RDP regression with password• Added the support for the STM32H7R...

GDPR compliance of CubeIDE and CubeProgrammer?

I just downloaded and installed both STM32CubeIDE and STM32CubeProgrammer.They both forcibly installed with user-spying phone-home features how I use the software, while only mentioning how to disable the feature after they have been installed.So, th...

SOlen.1 by Associate II
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Unable to read device id from ROM table

Hi everyone,I have a st-link v2 with the STM32cube programmer on a windows 10 PC. My target is a ISP30301 ( nrf 518222) . If i try to connect to the target , it says "Unable to read device id from ROM table". (after the hardware reset is done) . What...

fpatr.1 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32CubeProgrammer doesn't show DBANK option byte

Hi !I'm using STM32CubeProgrammer v2.12.0 (according to the updater it is the latest at this time) and I want to enable Dualbank on my Nucleo board.The Nucleo board is a NUCLEO-L476RG and is correctly recognized as such: However in the Option bytes -...

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SDpy.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32 Programmer CLI - Read Without Reconnecting

Hello thereAs per document UM2237, I am using command:STM32_Programmer_CLI.exe -c port=SWD index=1 mode=HOTPLUGto connect to the device. Successfully, device is connected.In case of reading a specified memory, one uses e.g. command:STM32_Programmer_C...

AJelen by Associate II
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