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Difference between device memory and file


Hey everyone,

I was writing a 'How-To' for flashing an STM32F04 while I stumbled upon this phenomeon.

After program&verify I read back the device memory and compared it to the file I downloaded.

I then get the message 'Warning: difference found at 0x8000000" but the first and only difference that is marked is at 0x8007090 

I then tried it with the ST Link Utility Tool and compared the device memory (without programming again, so still the download from the CubeProgrammer) with the result that the files are identical.

If I read back the device memory with the CubeProgrammer, save it, download it and compare again they are also identical so it doesn't seem to be a general downloading problem.

But for some reason my original .hex file seems to cause issues, but only with the Programmer and not with the Utility Tool. Am I missing some kind of setting here? Or what could be the issue? 


Thanks in advance,


Billy OWEN
ST Employee

Hi @xSammy 


This post has been escalated to the ST Online Support Team for additional assistance.  We'll contact you directly.