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STM32MP1 FreeRTOS debug issue

Hi,We are currently using the STM32MP1-DK1 board.We have tried several examples but we are facing some issues with the one using FreeRTOS (FreeRTOS_ThreadCreation) :We have no issues running the program on the M4 both in Engineering mode and Producti...

romain2 by Associate III
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SPI slave mode with DMA throughput

STM32MP157 has a M4 core, so I am asking questions here in MCU section although the chip is belong to MPU. What I am trying to do is using M4's SPI4 to receive data at throughput of 20.6Mbits/sec, basically each SPI transition has 10.5KB block data, ...

HZhu.12 by Associate II
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Resolved! Can not use two irq for different driver

Hi, I use two touch panels, one is ft5306 and another is tsc2007. These are under same i2c bus, the i2c2 controller.The ft5306 use PG8 as interrupt line. The tsc2007 use PI8 as interrupt ine. Here is my dts code for these devices.331 ft5x06:...

SChen.11 by Associate III
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Resolved! Connecting USB HUB to STM32

Hello,I understand that many STM32 support USB OTG, so they can be USB hosts.What if I want to connect more than one device? Can I connect a USB hub and control several devices at the same time?

ISeed by Senior
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