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FreeRtos Debug issues on M4 core STM32MP1

Hi,I am currently using the STM32MP1-DK1 board in engineering modeWhen I am debugging the program and stepping instruction by instruction in IAR, the debugging process is lost at a time during the execution.I can execute the program and and I can ins...

SMang.1 by Associate II
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Distribution SDK installed but will NOT BUILD

I'm trying to get the OpenSTLinux build environment up & running for the 1st time, following the instructions on the wiki step-by-step.So far I have:Built a Ubuntu 18 Virtual machine in Virtualbox - (18.04.5LTS, 4 cores, 8GbRAM, 500Gb HDD)Followed al...

JU by Associate III
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Resolved! How to use I2C1 in TF-A to control STPMIC1?

In our custom board we are using I2C1 to control and configure STPMIC1. I'd like to use I2C1 in TF-A so PMIC can be configured to power DDR during boot. I2C1 is not supported by default in TF-A, but looks like there is a way to do it as described in...

NBhat.1 by Associate III
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U-Boot not starting from SP_MIN on STM32MP151

I am on environment 2.0.0 and a custom board with PMIC and STM32MP151 booting via serial interface with the STM32CubeProgrammer using UART4 for debug output.I managed to get the TF-A running up until it is in BL32 (sp_min) and prints "Preparing exit ...

SJans.1 by Associate II
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Python version & sdk 1.2

Hello ST Teams!I'd like to know if it's possible to upgrade Python version and at the same time stay at 1.2 SDK.I've read the "STM32MP1 Ecosystem known bugs and common pitfalls" post and "

Eldam by Senior
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