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Unable to enable PWM driver in uboot

We have custom SOM which has been designed with STM32MP157C and we want to enable the backlight of a display panel using a PWM driver in uboot. For this, we tried enabling the pwm_backlight.c driver available in /drivers/video/ in uboot.Following con...

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DKapu.2 by Associate
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Resolved! Can't blink a LED on STM32MP157-DK2

I'm now trying to blink a LED on my STM32MP157-DK2 board.I have managed to run and even modify the GPIO_EXTI example, but I'd like to do this from scratch.1) I first created a project using CubeMX and wrote my code in the IDE.It seems that I can't us...

FAuza.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Custom LCD panel on stm32157C-DK2 probe problems

We have custom board design based on stm32157C-DK2. We just ise other LCD panel. We have updated device tree and probe function of panel is called. But in method: ltdc_load it fails to find any panel.bridge when calling: drm_of_find_panel_or_bridge (...

MBeli.1 by Associate III
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How to enable SPI-5 in STM32MP1xxx-DK

Hello All,We have the STM32MP1xxx-DK. and we had build the image for this board using the steps mentioned on ST wiki to generate the distribution image.We had build st-image-core as its size is less then Weston image.We want not to enable the SPI-5 s...

HVerm.3 by Associate
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Device Tree configuration form GPIO

Hi,Is there any example showing how to configure a simple GPIO line using DeviceTree? I would like to set the pullup/pulldown or open drain and then use the /sys/class/gpio to read or write the value. The only example I can find is the GPIO setting ...

Error while building stand alone u-boot (v2020)

Greetings !I am trying to build stand alone u-boot for my "stm32f769 discovery board". But when I initiate make command I am getting the below error .Please help me out to resolve this issue.Error log:------------------------------------------------...

PG.9 by Associate III
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