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Resolved! multiple definition of `SysTick_Handler'

Hello,I created a new project in STM32CubeIDE for my STM32MP157A by using STM32CubeMX. In it I enabled UART and FreeRTOS on CMSIS-RTOSv2 and that's all. I use the auto generated code.Then I wanted to use TraceAlyzer on top of FreeRTOS however, upon i...

Fnx_QT by Associate III
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GCNano GPU stack

I'm testing the Developer Package for STM32MP157c-dk2 demo board. Starter Pack is installed. When I compile the kernel as described in the Dev. Package's "README_HOW_TO.txt" file and update the kernel, The "Cube" example ceases running. It only says...

Ronte.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! What is the linux stmmac driver for? anyone tell is this driver for some specific ST(?) IP, or for a runaway collection of various Synopsys based IPs? Does the ethernet control...

Pavel A. by Evangelist III
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UART7 problem in STM32MP157F-DK2

We are trying to read an analog value from a sensor (PF14 pin - A0 on Arduino connectors) and send it over UART (UART7 - PE7 for RX, PE8 for TX) for reading in the terminal of computer. We use M4 for this aim. Our final goal is to read the analog val...

bilgitay by Associate
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RS485, DE after one time sending stays high

Next problem with my board is the RS485. I can send bytes, but can't receive because after sending once the DE stays always high. Without sending receive of course works.&uart5 { status = "okay"; pinctrl-names = "default", "sleep","idle"; pi...

jhi by Senior
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Resolved! VNC/Remote Desktop configuration

Hi i want to access remotely my stm32mp157c-dk2 with graphical interface. I am running openstlinux-20-02-19 from starter package. I installed tigervnc (apt-get install tigervnc and apt-get install xauth) and start it by typing "vncserver". But when i...

La1 by Associate III
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Resolved! USB not found

I have problem to get USB to work. I'm using custom board but I know that USB works because if I boot the board with the delivered image (MyIR) the USB works. I'm using buildroot with the 5.10 kernel and the linux kernel configuration from bootlin gi...

jhi by Senior
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